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Chuck and Rhonda Leggett RLEGGETT at austin.rr.com
Tue Feb 5 15:28:49 PST 2002

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Unto all the wonderful Gentles that attended the Bryn Gwlad Candlemas Celebration, I do hope that it was a pleasant enough experience for you.

I would especially like to thank a particular Lady from Bjornsborg, whose name I believe is Maricello (sp?).  My gift for names is dismal; my dear Lady, I hope you will forgive me for that.  This Lady, after serving feast, saw that I was cleaning and washing the dishes for the entire feast alone (not one volunteer showed on sight, and no-one at the event was interested in assisting and missing court),  so she came and stood by me for the hours it took to complete the task.  With her help, and my wonderful and loyal friend Saiida Shu'la, I was able to finish and leave site by 1:00 a.m.   Lord Markov, when he found out how long the task was taking, and how much help was available, came and evicted me from the kitchen to finish up, so I could take down and pack the Bardic pavillion.

To Lady Maricello (I pray the name is correct!), Saiida Shu'la, and Lord Markov, I give praise and word fame as much as I have to give.  And for Sion, who found help for me, I thank you.  I did not forget your concern and efforts. You are a unique individual, and a friend.

Ever in service,
Marion du Massue,
House of Bricks.


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