[Ansteorra] Straw bale structures

Saar-rah Al-Sabbirah alsabbirah at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 7 12:35:17 PST 2002

Iain MacCrimmon wrote:

>My only caveat is this:
>        Where this is common practice is in a high desert. In a wetter
>climate, I think you might have to worry about the hay wicking moisture
>up from the ground, and then your wall would rot from the inside out.
>       Worth checking into, though.

Straw bale houses supposedly do well in wet climates as well.  They were
becoming popular in Oregon right in the Willamette valley where they get
floods and plenty of rain.  I heard great things about them up there.  I
believe the trick is that the wall must be fairly well sealed inside the
concrete covering.  My understanding is that for a permanent structure, the
hay doesn't sit right on the ground...you put it on a foundation just like
any other house.

Straw (as opposed to hay) is quite cheap in places where they grow any type
of grass seed or grain.  Straw is just the grass culms and is used for
bedding, not feed.  Hay has the seed heads and is typically fed to beasties
(and there are a variety of hay types out there, ranging in price).

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