[Ansteorra] B.L.A.T. - Tribute

Mike Gideon mg1m at swbell.net
Sun Feb 10 16:46:05 PST 2002

Forwarded with permission.

Yours in Service,
Laird Míchél mac Donnchaid
Seneschal – Barony of the Eldern Hills

Just a quick note to say a huge Thank You to all those who contributed
and participated in Brad Leah's Ansteorran Tribute, that is BLAT.
It was great to see the support that this great Region has once more
given to a Tribute event.  It's a joy to be part of giving so much to
this great Kingdom.  I am proud to be a part of a team of groups and
indivduals who join together and give of their time and energy.  We have
shown once more how great we can be when we work together towards a
common goal of helping to raise money for the Kingdom.
Thank You!!!!!!!!!

In Service,
Catrin Mac Cracken

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