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Thorwaldha at aol.com Thorwaldha at aol.com
Mon Feb 11 17:45:22 PST 2002

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I'd like to praise the people of Eldern Hills.
Honestly for a free feast I'd be grateful to get a peanut butter sandwich and
a glass of Kool-aide.
But, seeing the menu I knew that they were really going to try to make it a
memorable feast.
Seeing the menu could not have prepared me for how wonderful a feast it was.
It's a testimony to the caliber of people that play in Eldern to donate so
much of
themselves to raise funds for our Kingdom.
I feel truly privileged to have partaken of their feast at BLAT
For anyone who missed it don't despair, you'll have another opportunity in
May at their Eldern event. It'll be worth the drive.

Thorwald the Bald

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