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David Hughes davidjhughes.tx at netzero.net
Wed Feb 13 19:29:48 PST 2002

Richard Flickinger wrote:

> >The joys of composting
> David, my Plant Science and Horticultural Thereapy professors, as well as my Master
> Gardener mentor, could not have explained the compost process and potential
> spontaneous combustion better!  When the silo blew it looked like napalm in
> the morning.
> Brother Kris

Thank you.
I have professional experience with exothermic reactions.
Some reactions that are perfectly safe at a 10 gram batch are tricky
at a 100 gram size, and quite spectacular at 1000 grams. (And there
was that other one that burst into flames at a 45 gram size, about 30
seconds after I added the last component.  After many hours of
research, it was discovered that one of the thermal breakdown
byproducts served as a catalyst for the primary reaction.  This led to
a massive document covering the safety concerns of a standard
industrial process, stressing the importance of never working with
more than a 20 mil thick film layer.)

David Gallowglass

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