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David Hughes davidjhughes.tx at netzero.net
Wed Feb 13 19:21:18 PST 2002

"J.G. Bretz (Beatrice di Palermo)" wrote:
> > I agree with Aurora I have also seen hay go up like a bomb and it was
> > raining.
> > Keyna
> However....it would be difficult for it to do this if it was encased all the
> way around in concrete.  Also, it is an accepted building method that has
> been used in the Southwest with good luck.  Check back a few posts to the
> links Baroness Saraphina sent.
> Bea
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> HL Beatrice di Palermo
> Seer to the nobility of since 1492

Very difficult indeed.  I LIKE straw bale construction.  The
spontaneous combustion problem occurs when you have decomposition at
the center of many feet of hay to serve as insulation.
One or even three layers of standard hay bales is well below the
necessary thickness (15 -20 feet IIRC)

David Gallowglass

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