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W. C. Smith wcsmith at ionet.net
Wed Feb 13 20:35:39 PST 2002

On behalf of the entire feast staff for B.L.A.T., we'd like to say a hearty
THANK YOU! to all who came to the event.  B.L.A.T. was a great success
because of *you*, the participants.  It was our pleasure and honor to serve
you.  We look forward to doing it again sometime!!

Artorius & Adria
B.L.A.T. Feastocrats

At 08:45 PM 2/11/02 EST, you wrote:
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>I'd like to praise the people of Eldern Hills.
>Honestly for a free feast I'd be grateful to get a peanut butter sandwich and
>a glass of Kool-aide.
>But, seeing the menu I knew that they were really going to try to make it a
>memorable feast.
>Seeing the menu could not have prepared me for how wonderful a feast it was.
>It's a testimony to the caliber of people that play in Eldern to donate so
>much of
>themselves to raise funds for our Kingdom.
>I feel truly privileged to have partaken of their feast at BLAT
>For anyone who missed it don't despair, you'll have another opportunity in
>May at their Eldern event. It'll be worth the drive.
>Thorwald the Bald
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