[Ansteorra] Spontaneous combustion at Savernake

damaris1 damaris1 at mail.ev1.net
Fri Feb 15 06:55:14 PST 2002

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"karen moon" <karenmoon at msn.com>
>No spontaneous combustion?
>Uhhhhmmmm, New Year's Eve 2000?  Thordis & Seraphina losing 6 inches of hair apiece?  Damaris dumping an entire Roman Candle on her head?  People running around with their thumbs on fire?  Choruses of "A Real Hero would outrun the flames?"
>Heck, the straw bale constructions are the *least* combustible things out there at Savernake....

You forgot about the mortar shell that only went up about 10 ft.  before it exploded.  That was exciting!!!


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