[Ansteorra] Re: Barony of Namron's Medieval Faire

William FitzBubba fitzbubba at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 15 20:53:18 PST 2002

> i am just wondering,,,when did we go from "fighter"
> to "male fighters" and "female fighters",,,are we
> getting too politically correct to acept the title
> of "fighter" that we now need to have distinction
> between the sexes?
>      Lord Halldor Grimmsson

Lord Halldor, I think you're reading too much into

I read it as "we're trying to attract some females
from the local universities, so we want to show them
female fighters in action".  I think trying to get
more women into the Society is a good thing.  We have
this stereotype we carry around about big, sweaty
males in armor.  It'd be nice to make a point out of
the fact that the women fight, too.

The announcement said:

> This year we will also be highlighting female heavy
> and light fighters during special times to entice
> the female athletes from our 5 area colleges into
> participating in these exciting games!

It's not discriminatory to male fighters.  It's
targeted marketing.  Just my opinion, mind you.

Master Wiliam FitzBubba
Carolingia, East

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