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Chuck and Rhonda Leggett RLEGGETT at austin.rr.com
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Just a note:
    It is my understanding that to be "Politically Correct" would be to NOT
differentiate between the genders, on the theory that to do so would imply
that they may not be, for whatever reason, equal.
     Being in the employ of the (painfully correct) City of Austin, such
topics are all too frequently addressed.

Ever in service,
Ld. Marion du Massue
House of Brick.

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First of all  the post had nothing to do with being politically correct. its
is simply stating that they are wanting to try to get more ladies to fight
in both light and heavy. its is like saying youth fighters.

Lord Achillies Von Hutton
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> i am just wondering,,,when did we go from "fighter" to "male fighters" and
> "female fighters",,,are we getting too politically correct to acept the
> title of "fighter" that we now need to have distinction between the sexes?
>      Lord Halldor Grimmsson
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> >Subject: [Ansteorra-announce] Barony of Namron's Medieval Faire
> >Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 16:03:11 EST
> >
> >   Unto the list does the Barony of Namron send its greetings and an
> >invitation to all good people to participate in the 26th Annual OU
> >Faire on April 5, 6 and 7, 2002 at the Duck Pond in Norman, Oklahoma.
> >   More than 130,000 mundanes from around the Northern Region and beyond
> >attend this free faire where the SCA is a main part of the entertainment
> >which gives us a wonderful stage to show off our fine works in the area
> >A & S - dance (courtly & middle eastern), music, costuming, scroll work,
> >jewelry, tapestry/weaving/needlework, etc.; combat - heavy & light
> >fighting; and the hospitaler abilities each and every one of us have to
> >teach mundanes about the SCA.
> >   A tent dedicated to A & S will be constantly manned with locked boxes
> >available for displaying your wonderful items.  Please bring your
> >A & S items - all will be needed.  The more items the better!
> >   The list field will be open and ready for single combat, melee, tavern
> >fights and spang heuing.  This year we will also be highlighting female
> >heavy and light fighters during special times to entice the female
> >from our 5 area colleges into participating in these exciting games!  The
> >fighting will be single combat and/or melees depending on how many female
> >fighters armor up.
> >   Enjoyable entertainment such as music, drumming and courtly and middle
> >eastern dancing always draw big crowds so come out and make some noise.
> >   A revel will be held Saturday night to honor all of those good people
> >who come out to help with this long 3 day demo . kick back or kick your
> >heels up and enjoy an evening among friends.
> >   This demo requires all types of volunteers including set-up, clean-up
> >and break-down crews, people to walk the ropes touting the SCA,
> >waterbearers, heralds, fighters, dancers, bards, people at the A & S tent
> >and hospitaler's area, people to walk in the Medieval Faire King &
> >procession and all the other exciting aspects of a large demo.  Bring
> >flyers about you group to hand out, bring your armor and arts to work on
> >and your love of the dream to share with the crowd.
> >   A schedule, contact list and directions will be on the Barony of
> >Namron's web site shortly http://namron.ansteorra.org/ .  If your group
> >planning on attending, please contact our Medieval Faire Liaison, Bianca
> >Sereni at class016 at aol.com or sjonna at ysoc.org .  Like in any university
> >town, there is no free parking!  To receive parking passes, please have
> >person from your group contact Bianca with a list of names (both SCA and
> >mundane) and tag numbers at least 14 days prior to the demo.
> >   Please come out and share 3 glorious days with us and the dream more
> >than 100,000!
> >
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