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Tue Feb 19 22:16:49 PST 2002

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Absolutely beautiful work.  I've planned to do something simalar, but my work would be small compare the person the did that Kells quilt.  Everyone should and go see the quilt.  The web address will dump you to their main site, but go to their search and enter Kells and will show the Houston Quilt winner near the top of the list.  Click and look in wonder of beautiful quilt.  Aurore
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  I got this reference on another website, but thought those in Ansteorra who
  do needlework would enjoy a look. This is quilt that was apparently entered
  in the annual International Quilt Festival held in Houston every year, based
  on the Book of Kells.  Wow, I wish I'd seen the original it up close.

  >Forwarded from the Outlands list - absolutely gorgeous!!
  >Take a look at this use of the Book of Kells!


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