[Ansteorra] Re: bored...Peppermint List Request

Berta Allen chrystal_dragon at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 20 18:25:23 PST 2002

Well Amerinda, one way not to be bored...

How about sending me your info for the Ansteorran Peppermint List update to
<chrystalamacruari at yahoo.com> ... and anyone else reading this, please
contact me if you haven't already. I will be posting a list soon (next week?
-/+) to all of these lists of names of Dons & Cadets within Ansteorra who
have not sent/contacted me. Thanks in advance!!!

Those Dons & Cadets outside of Ansteorra wishing to be included, please send
me your information as well & I will establish an Out of Kingdom section to
keep the information flowing.

Send any questions to chrystalamacruari at yahoo.com

Chrystal Ariana MacRuari

SCA/Mundane Name
(Dons) Date Don elevated
(Dons) Queen's name
(Dons) Date received red scarf
(Dons) Name of your Don
(Cadets) Date received red scarf
(Cadets) Name of your Don
Device charge
Persona & time period
Notes (example - "No calls after 10pm")

>From: "Dean, Jenice A." <jenice.a.dean at cpmx.saic.com>
>Subject: <Cadet's Corner> bored
>Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 13:30:07 -0800
>too bad I can't think of any trouble to stir up...

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