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For the past MANY years, and I mean in excess of 10 years, we have had
a demo at Camp Karankawa for the Cub Scouts. Some of those very scouts
have gone and joined the SCA, and they _ALL_ remember us.

They have once again contacted Wulf Fairhair and asked us to show up
again. Some years there have been as few as two of us, and other years
we have had armored up and had tiny tournies as well as been soundly
attacked by young cub warriors wanting to join in the battle. We have
had seige engine demos, as well as arts and sciences demo. We have had
a really good time. Below is an excerpt from Wulf Fairhair.

It would be real nice if we could have someone with handout to
represent Youth Rapier and Youth Boffer, we currently have no one in
our area and we need your help!

for a map and directions: http://www.bacbsa.org/camping/campkdir.html

Please come and join the fun. Below is an excerpt from a letter Wulf
sent to those of us in the area. If you need more information contact
him, his info is listed below, or contact me.

your servant,
--- "Horn, Michael (M)" <MHorn at dow.com> wrote:
> Everyone please mark your calendars for March 2.  I just got a call
from the Director at the Cub Scout Day Camp.  They would like us to
attend as we do every year.  We show our stuff and let the Cubs try to
hit us.  They love it.  Expect about 300 Cubs.  We need to be at the
Karankwa Scout Camp just west of West Columbia at about 8:00 am or so.
Officially it lasts to about noon; usually it lasts longer.
> Michael Horn
> 979-238-4430
> B-2021, DDC

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