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Thu Feb 21 18:16:23 PST 2002

Forwarded with permission
Forwarded with permission.

>Ok here is the last one of these for a while.  Please read it and
>forward it to where ever you might think people would be interested >in it.
>Pardon me.
>My name is Brent Hanner, owner of the "75years"
>(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/75years/   ), an open discussion group
>for late 1200s/early 1300s re-enacting and living history.
>I am out of San Marcos, Texas, and as I'm sure you've noticed, the
>re-enacting potential for that era is a bit sparse around here.  I >want to
>see if there is enough interest from people living in Texas >in doing 13th
>century living history/reenactment to look into >actually getting a
>physical group together.  To that end, I have >established the "13th
>Century Texas" discussion group  >(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/13thctx/
>).  People from the Texas area who would be interested in doing 13th
>century reenactment
>are encouraged to join the discussion list.   The list is a closed one, to
>try and keep the focus on the Texas area and actually >discussing
>establishing such a group.   Experienced people who live >outside of Texas,
>but might just want to give advice are welcome to write in to me
>(behannerATswt.edu - just change the AT to @)
>Ideally what I would like to have is a group centered around the last
>half of  the 13th century, with the purpose of educating the members >and
>others about life in the 13th century.   I would like the level >of
>authenticity to eventually be on par with similar European and >American
>groups (e.g. . Circa: 1265, Confrérie de la Malemort, Compagnia de Peon,
>Companie de St. George, De Liebaart 1302, and so on).  Members should have
>a year or so to put their basic kit >together.  I'm looking at having
>hopefully 2-4 events per year.
>Some questions still need to be asked, such as where to set it - Two
>ideas are in England or in the Holy Land.  The advantage to England >is
>that most works on the subject are in English.  The advantage to >the Holy
>land is that it fits those nice Texas summers much better.  Other questions
>include a name for the group, what IS the basic kit, things like that.  I'm
>really looking for feedback from the people >who actually want to take
>part, and not just set up a group that no >one's interested in.
>I'm asking that you please feel free to pass this along to other >people or
>discussion lists (for example the various southern and >central Ansteorran
>lists, the Amtgard list, and so on) since I >understand that there may be
>people involved in those groups who >might also be interested in trying
>something a little different.  If >you know of any other re-enactment
>groups or lists in the region, >please feel free to pass this along to them
>as well
>Thank you for your time.
>Brent Hanner

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