[Ansteorra] Deadline for Requesting Group Land in Ansteorra

Brian Martin BMartin at Corp.Prodigy.com
Fri Feb 22 07:07:12 PST 2002

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	Greetings All,

	As previously announced, today is the deadline for turning in your
requests for group land inside the Ansteorran encampment at Gulf War. If you
haven't yet sent in your request for group land (for shires, baronies,
households, whatever), please send those requests to your regional land
coordinator today.

	Please note that this pertains only to land within the Ansteorran
encampment. If you want group land outside of the Ansteorran camp, you need
to contact the Gulf War land steward, Sir Simon MacLeod (his contact
information can be found on the GW website www.gulfwars.org ). Please also
note that land can only e reserved for those gentles who have pre-registered
for the war. Open camping will be available in the Ansteorran encampment for
those who did not or could not pre-register.

	Details for requesting group land can be found at
www.ansteorra.org/gulf . If you have specific questions, please contact me
at twinoak at prodigy.net or (512) 259-8626. I will be at the Bjornsborg Ransom
Tourney this weekend. If you are in the Coastal Region, please note that
your regional land coordinator, Sir Alexis has changed his email address.
His new address is: drwise at houston.rr.com . All other contact information on
the page is correct.

	Finally, in case you're wondering why I am requesting this
information three weeks prior to the war, please know that it is for good
reason. My land staff and I need this advanced time to verify
pre-registration and plan where to place groups on the map before getting to
the war site. This time allows us to better plan your camp. Thanks very much
for you cooperation and understanding.

	I remain in service to Crown and Kingdom,
	Ansteorran Liaison, Gulf War XI

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