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>Greetings costumers,

>The people of the Outlands take great pleasure in inviting one and all to
>our fifth Costume Collegium to be held April 6 & 7, 2002 in Trinidad,

>Our guest speaker is Robin Netherton, known to many on these lists.
>Robin will present a detailed analysis of the fitted fashion of 14th
>century Western Europe, showing how it evolved from earlier unfitted
>fashions, the various versions and uses of the style, and how it formed the
>basis for the later development of the more structured fashions of the 15th
>and 16th centuries. She will also discuss the
>extant garments from the Herjolfsnes (Greenland) grave site, particularly
>the oft-cited "ten-gore" dress, with a discussion of how the Greenland
>finds might influence our understanding of 14th century European fashion.
>Marc Carlson from Tulsa OK, known in the SCA as Diarmaid O'Duinn,
>will present a history of shoemaking, and a short workshop on making the 3
>fingered glove seen in the Luttrell Psalter and other sources. >
>We are also pleased to have renowned SCA embroiderer Lady Rouge du
>Maurier from Caid (Las Vegas NV), who will present a 2 day workshop > on
>metal thread embroidery.
>There are many other teachers presenting a wide body of information on
>clothing within the SCA period, and we invite you to go to the web site
>(http://www.caerthe.org/ccv/) for more information.
>If any of you wish to share your knowledge and expertise with us in > the
>Outlands, please fill in the teacher form on the web site. We will be
>delighted to have you!
>Of course there will be merchants. We currently have merchants selling trim
>and metal thread embroidery supplies, jewelry, and books. Merchants are
>warmly invited to email Mary Denise (editor at costumemag.com) to reserve a
>The event will take place in Berg Hall on the campus of Trinidad State
>Junior College. Directions and a map are on the web site.
>The site fee covers a light breakfast both days, a box lunch and the
>Saturday evening reception to honor our excellent teachers. Any
>materials fees, and the event proceedings are extra.
>Pre-registration using the form on the web site is strongly > encouraged.
>We really want to know how much food to prepare!
>Trinidad, Colorado is on Interstate 25, just north of the New Mexico
>border. Amtrak goes through town twice daily, and the closest airport is
>Colorado Springs, Colorado.
>There are the usual chain motels in town, and links are on the web site.
>Space is available in the TSJC dormitories, as well. Dorm space is $25 per
>night single or $20 per person per night double. Couples may stay in the
>double rooms. Bedding is provided, but you must bring your own towels.
>Dorms must be reserved and paid for by March 22, no exceptions.

>Please email Mary Denise (editor at costumemag.com) for reservations.
>We eagerly look forward to having you at this event!
>Mary Denise Smith
>Lady Marged Tylluan Fach

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