[Ansteorra] Light fighting armor help!

Sean Hertzberg s_hertzberg at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 2 10:45:58 PST 2002

Ok, a few problems with the Museum Replica stuff.

First off, the vest is NOT legal for SCA fencing as it is.  It provides no
underarm protection. which the new rules require.  It also may or may NOT
pass a punch test.  Also, with the double layer front, it makes it that much
harder for a newer fighter to learn to call blows.

As for the pants, can't tell enough from the pictures, but if they fit and
no skin shows, they should be fine.

In general, Museum Replicas stuff is rather cheesy and not worth the price,
but your milage may vary.

Avery Shaw
Coastal Regional Rapier Marshal

>Ok in the Museum Replicas Limited, or www.museumreplicas.com, they have
>rapier clothing.  Vest runs $69, Shirt runs $49, Pants runs $39.  As for
>weapons that I'll have to hunt around my old catologs to find them.
>Hopefully this prices might be a little more reasonable.  Aurore
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>   My advice is not to buy a Triplette SCA starter set unless you have lots
>   money (don't see $200.00 as an investment), hardly ever fight, or
>absolutely no
>   where to turn for help with making something that actually looks vaguely
>   (which this tunic does not).  Here's what Triplette says about it:
>   SCA LIGHT WEAPONS FIGHTER STARTER SETS are intended to get the beginning
>   out on
>                           the field as quickly and as cheaply as possible.
>   like to think that no one who buys a starter set will
>                           have any of it left in a year, except for the
>mask. You
>   really ought to have improved your own gear, and
>                           given away these pieces to a newcomer.
>   If the company is saying that they hope you have none of it left in a
>   except for the mask, this is NOT a ringing endorsement for its
>use/popularity in
>   the SCA (particularly in this kingdom).  If someone does buy and use it,
>   fine...we're happy to have them fighting with us.  But I generally
>regret it
>   greatly when some new person invests in this kit, for I believe that
>   not going to quickly dump a tunic on which they've spent good money.
>   Also...don't go nuts and buy their ugly, big-salad-bowl "Maximum hand
>   protection" R7, never-seen-anywhere-in history, theatrical rapier.  The
>R8 is
>   much better and much more accepted within in the rapier community.   In
>   you might want to consider initially buying the R8 rather than a modern
>   bowl-based weapon...
>   Dona Isobel (darn, where are those ascii tilde things when you need
>one???  ;)
>   )
>   >
>   > >HELP!!
>   > >
>   > >I will be throwing myself into the LF (light Fighting)
>   > >this year with a passion as I have swwn and love the
>   > >art. I need help making a doublet.is there a pattern
>   > >any where that i can use? I have athe rules and such,
>   > >but a pattern would help my lady a lot!otherwise for
>   > >my first one I may order the starter set from
>   > >Tripletts..
>   > >
>   > >All help is appreciated,
>   > >Galiwyn Varrianes
>   > >Northkeep, Ansteorra
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