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LOL, you forgot to sign it again but it's like we don't know who is from, Aceia.  Great list.  I had half of this stuff when I went, wish I would have had the other half, would have make life alot better.  Going to save this list so that I can do just all this.  Aurore
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  Just to add my two cents -

  Gulf War is a lot of fun and worth attending.

  Both times I have gone, I have gotten sick (I am allergic to certain types
  of redwood pines and more specifically the type of mold that grows on their
  needles),  but still had a blast.
  I will be going back again this year, armed with lots of allergy stuff!

  I have never had a problem with my hair molding and I have hair that is very
  porous and fine and takes 4-6 hours to dry after washing.  Also, there is
  electricity for hair-dryers in the shower trailers.  Some of the shower
  trailers are better and newer than others, you should take a tour of them
  all, pick one you like and decide if it is worth walking the distance from
  your camp.
  A note about showers - there are many people using the same showers with
  small water-heaters through out the day.  Be prepared for cold showers -
  even if you get up at 6 or 7 am.

  Rubber Tubs are a must for all your clothing!  Keeps them dry in the
  downpours and keeps the humidity out too!  Easy to stack in the back of a
  truck or trailer!  Best type of SCA luggage for your money!

  SHOVEL!  You must bring a SHOVEL.  Many of the camping areas (Bryn-Gwlad and
  surrounding areas specifically) require trenching.  If you trench properly,
  your tent will not run the risk of flood.  But- be aware of who is down hill
  from you and join the trenches if possible.  Don't aim your runoff into
  someone else's tent!  Also, when you leave, fill in your trenches so the
  ground stays level for next year!  And aim your tent door downhill!

  Toilet Paper or wet wipes - this is handy to carry with you as no matter how
  hard the toilet patrol tries (and they do work very hard!) there is always a
  lack of paper when you need it most (Murphy's law??).  Especially near the
  end of the war.

  Clothes for warm weather as well as cold weather.  Last year, the evenings,
  mornings and nights were frigid cold, but on Wednesday afternoon, the sky
  was clear and the sun was out.  I found myself wearing a light tunic for
  most of the afternoon and was still a little on the warm side.  The first
  year I went, it only rained twice and was in the 80s most days.

  Sunscreen - my first year, people got sunburned.

  Tent heater - speaks for itself

  Rubber boots - last year, the stores in the area sold out of these very
  quickly after the first night.  If it rains hard, there will be lots of mud.

  Good comfortable shoes - you will be walking a lot on dirt roads and gravel.
  Back and forth, to and from camp.  lots of walking.  A wagon is a good idea
  if you have to carry heavy stuff to and from the list fields.

  Flashlight or easy to light lantern... While there are many portajohns
  through out the camp sites, no one wants to be taken out by a tent rope on
  the way to one at midnight.  The tents get crowded in and the area becomes
  very maze-like.

  Money for shopping and something to carry your purchases in.... shopping at
  Gulf-war is like finding an SCA oriented mall!  Also, don't miss Midnight
  Madness shopping night!  Lots of great deals!

  If that is not enough - there is always the Walmart in Picciune!

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