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Mark.S Harris mark.s.harris at motorola.com
Wed Jan 2 16:29:52 PST 2002

Depending upon what you are trying to do or what you are looking
for, you may also be interested in a webpage which was at one
time known as the Rialto Files or the Rialto Archive, although
it never was meant as a comprehensive archive, but rather as a
selection of the best information from that source.

That collection of message files has now mutated into a collection
of files from a wider selection of sources and is now known as
Stefan's Florilegium. The sources of the information in there still
includes the Rialto, but also now includes numerous mail lists and
articles submitted to the Florilegium by their authors. The
site currently consists of over 1400 different files on a wide
variety of SCA and medieval subjects.

The Florilegium can be found on the web at: http://www.florilegium.org

THL Stefan li Rous
stefan at texas.net

Fitzmorgan at cs.com wrote:
> Chass at lakewebs.net writes:
> > How does one join the Railto list? I have yet to find it anywhere
> >
> > Chass Brown aka Charinthalis Del Sans
>        You  may also go to http://www.dejanews.com and read from their
> archive of newsgroups and search their archives.  They claim to have a
> complete 20 year archive.  I don't know how long rec.org.sca has been in
> existence.  It's an interesting though often contentious perspective on SCA
> history.  Particularly when you go back several years to a time before all
> the regional and subject specific mailing lists when the Rialto was all we
> had.
>        If you have a week or two to spare, and have a strong constitution you
> can learn more than any sane person would ever want to know about the BOD's
> attempt to institute "Pay to Play" several years back.
> Robert Fitzmorgan (Who remembers the days when it took 2 hours to read
> through the days postings on the Rialto)

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