[Ansteorra] Re: Newbies

Lightfootcim at aol.com Lightfootcim at aol.com
Thu Jan 3 14:21:51 PST 2002

Actually Ly. Viviana, I think that you brought up a very good topic of conversation.  I think that all of the ways of bringing new members into the Society are good and valid ones.  Seeing this topic, and after what happened this week (see my earlier post) it made me think back on how newbies react to the SCA and how much fun it can be when they first get called up in court, either for an award or as a "thank you", or when they start to see what we call the "Dream".  It really is a priceless thing to behold. Not only does the new person leave the event with good memories, but so do the older members who get to see the new person experience it.

HL Lightfoot

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