[Ansteorra] shoulder surgery

Keyna kmoulton at dashlink.com
Sat Jan 5 17:53:08 PST 2002

And Talon is having sholder surgery on the same sholder this wed. (1/9th)
because he wiped out on his motorcycle.

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> You should get with Talon of Blackoad he has had the shoulder surgery
> plachoya
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> >http://photos.yahoo.com/mahee_of_acre/
> >
> >many people saw that i had a messed up shuolder at ren fair. well, i
> >went in for surgery on the second, and home again.
> >
> >the worst thing about the experience is not really being told things.
> >dr.s seem to be running and if you do not know what questions to ask
> >you get a few suprises. i guess they think we should know some things
> >and it is also possible i am just clueless. The above link takes you to
> >my yahoo photos. not much their, but if you want to  see what rotator
> >cuff surgery looks like the day after feel free to check it out.
> >
> >two weeks or so before i am out of a sling, then rehab stuff.
> >
> >if you ever have any questions about rotator cuff surgery...ask.
> >
> >your servant,
> >mahee
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