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To THL Stefan li Rous,

Thank you for the update and specifics. One of the first things I had done when asked to be Acting Hospitaler was to acess the Florilegium and I found a great deal of very good and useful information.  I learned a long time ago that this is an excellent resource for anything you can think of in the SCA.

Lady Tangwystl
>>> mark.s.harris at motorola.com 01/07/02 10:52AM >>>
Lady Tangwystl said:
> I was overjoyed to see all the posts related to this subject and appreciate everyone's perspectives.  I have recently become the acting hospitaler for Elfsea and love the extra enthusiasm and drive this has sparked to go into the new year.  There were many expressions of exactly how I feel; especially regarding the notion that everyone is a hospitaler in some fashion.  I'm very much looking forward to putting many of your thoughts and practices into use.

As a new hospitalier you might be interested in this file in the
NEWCOMERS section of the Florilegium:
Chatelaines-art   (12K) 11/24/00    The care and feeding of newcomers by
                                       THLady Rayne Moyra O'Ciaragain

Or this message file:
newcomers-msg     (38K)  9/19/01    How to make newcomers to your group.
                                       confortable. Integrating

I will be updating this file with some of the recent suggestions from
here, as well.

There are also some files in this section that I like to direct
newcomers to such as:
4-newcomers-msg   (28K)  2/20/01    Comments directed at SCA newcomers.
courtesy-msg      (32K)  1/19/96    Courtesy guidelines in the SCA and
                                       Hand-kissing and bowing.
names-FAQ         (14K)  5/ 8/96    Choosing and registering names in
the SCA.
SCA-courtesy-art  (14K)  5/22/96    Courtesy guidelines by Ioseph of
SCA-courts-nc-msg (21K)  5/30/01    Comments and about SCA Courts for
SCA-intro-art     (20K)  2/21/00    "Life in the Current Middle Ages",
                                       An Introduction to the SCA.
SCA-Personas-art  (16K)  6/ 9/01    "On Choosing a Name and a Persona; A
                                        and Dirty Guide" by Ld. Daniel
Raoul Le
                                        Vascon du Navarreí.

The Florilegium is at: http://www.florilegium.org

THL Stefan li Rous
stefan at texas.net
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