[Ansteorra] Medieval Frescoes coming to Lubbock

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Tue Jan 15 14:56:04 PST 2002

Actually, the exhibit does have one other stop, Chicago I believe.  I would
recommend everyone who can to visit this exhibit.  I was at the Texas Tech
Museum when this exhibit was being planned.  The planners and the curators
who chose the objects said this would be a once in a lifetime showing of
some of these objects.

Sir Romanius

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>Please forgive me if this has been posted before.  In my latest issue of
>AAA's Home & Away magazine there is an article discussing the Vatican
>Museums' exhibition called "Traditions and Renewal:  Medieval Frescoes from
>the Vatican Museums" which will be at the Museum of Texas Tech University
>June and July.  The article is light on details like dates and addresses
>the web-site has not been updated for 2002 yet but it does say that the
>exhibit is 31 12th century frescoes discovered in 1528 that have never been
>displayed publicly before.  Lubbock is apparently the only stop for the
>exhibit.  They are also showing early hispanic religious items as well as a
>letter from Christopher Cloumbus to Isabella and correspondence from other
>explorers of the new world.
>  http://www.ttu.edu/~museum/exhibits.html
>Baroness Northkeep
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