[Ansteorra] Gulf War Pre-registration Reminder

gtaylor gtaylor at lonestar.jpl.utsa.edu
Thu Jan 17 09:11:27 PST 2002

One more thing....

I thought that I had NOT registered for the war.  Then I got a booklet with my
address and another person's name.  I know that these were big mix up.  Will you
clarify the following:  Did the mix-up include sending people who were NOT
preregistered, booklets with a different name on it?  Or just that names were
messed on people who DID pre-register?

I believe that it's the former...but want to make sure.

Also...I thought that you had finished up your regimen of pain medication...but
maybe not...  ;)


Brian Martin wrote:

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>         Greetings All,
>         Today is January 17th, there are exactly two weeks left to
> pre-register for Gulf War. If you have not pre-registered, please do so
> immediately!
>         If you don't pre-register, you can't reserve land! It will cost you
> more money! Your pets will hate you and no one at work will talk to you! Its
> been scientifically proven that people who pre-register are considered more
> attractive by the opposite sex. Those who pre-register for Gulf Wars make,
> on average, 73% more annually than those who do not, so pre-register now and
> receive a huge raise!* If you pre-register now, the odds of gorgeous super
> models or hunky actors showing up at your door step are 99% better than if
> you were dead! (Its my rough estimate that models and actors prefer the
> company of living SCA members who have pre-registered for Gulf War 2 to 1
> over dead people.) You want to meet Brad Pitt and Claudia Schiffer don't
> you? Then pre-register for Gulf War!** Best of all, if you pre-register for
> the war,
> I personally assure you that Bill Gates will send you a check for one
> million dollars!!!! *** Finally, if you pre-register for the war, I'll stop
> bothering you about it!! This is an offer that you simply can't beat! ****
> (Offer void were prohibited, batteries not included, please drink
> responsibly.)
>         Thank you,
>         Pendaran Glamorgan,
>         Baron of Bryn Gwlad (the barony hates it when I tell people that but
> its true)
>         Knight of Ansteorra (at least until the Crown reads this post)
>         Lion of Ansteorra (believe it or not)
>         Gulf War Liaison (I was the only one who didn't take a step back
> when they called for volunteers)
> *Warning: Neither the Crown and Kingdom of Ansteorra, the SCA or the people
> running Gulf War XI support the lunatic claims made by the over eager
> liaison. Please don't believe that you will receive a pay raise by
> pre-registering for war. But you should pre-register anyway because it is
> the right and decent thing to do. President W wants you to do it, Uncle Sam
> wants you to do it, Aaron and Britta want you to do it!
> ** To the best of my knowledge, Brad Pitt and Claudia Schiffer have never
> heard of the SCA or of Gulf War. Further more, my using their names is
> merely a cheap attempt to get you to pre-register for the war, and does not
> guarantee that you'll ever meet them. Still, it could happen. After all,
> people win the lottery all of the time, so amazing things do happen, right?
> *** Okay, this one is an out and out lie. Bill Gates will not send you any
> money what so ever. Man, I just have no shame.
> **** That one is true. If you pre-register for the war, I will stop
> harassing you about it.
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