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Fri Jan 18 12:20:29 PST 2002

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I have talked to several people about this subject and was considering taking
my lords name since ours were so similar...he is Lord Puck O' The Wilde and I
was Katla of Wildwood ( the name I call my mundane property ) . I thought it
was a pretty neat coincidence that they were so similar considering that he'd
been in the SCA for over 5 years and we met at my very first event almost two
years ago.
I think the main thing to consider is whether your personnas match , i.e. are
they from the same cultural background and time period...and would your
personnas be married ?

I eventually decided on an *official* name for our handfasting last Mead Bee
Wars....I'm usually refered to as "puck's Angel" or just Angel...now I am
Katla ulfstjarna ( Norse for  Wolfstar ..... my household ) .

I also would be interested to find out what other ladies think and how many
have taken their lords' name and why.....

*Angel* Katla ulfstjarna

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