[Ansteorra] marriage and registered persona names

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When I came back to the SCA after a long hiatus, I brought my husband and
two children.  When I was thinking about my name, I tried to think of how
other people would think of me.  Since I don't do a specific craft or have a
defining feature, it settled on my husband who is very outgoing.  Also in
our group, we tend to think in terms of couples anyway.  So I became
Caitlin, Gerald's wife/woman.  I sent it to the heralds and they found the
translation that would be from my earlier time.  The fact that it doesn't
exactly match his name after translation is all the more interesting I
Slainte', HL Caitlin bean Ghearailt

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I was curious to hear what other ladies in the society thought about persona
marriage and the taking of the man's name.  Should a woman take her
husband's name in persona?  Should she re-register her name if she does?
just curious -
Robin Anderson of Ross (should it be Robin Drummond?)

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