[Ansteorra] Branch Champions responsibilities and privileges

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Tue Jan 22 21:47:44 PST 2002

For most equestrian champions they usually win the 'honor' of designing and
running the championship the following year.


MGreene at mpan.com wrote:

> After a conversation this weekend at Seawinds on the responsibilities and
> privileges of the branch champions, I decided to post to the list to see
> what thoughts were found there.
> So, what does the kingdom think are the proper responsibilities and
> privileges of a branch champion once they have been selected to represent a
> kingdom/barony/shire for the next year??
> Once they are selected, they often receive a really spiffy prize/s.   Well,
> nothing comes free.
> In the case of an armored or rapier, we've seen the usual responsibility of
> having the champion stand behind the thrones of their 'patrons'.   What
> responsibilities of the equestrian or archery champion?   An
> honor/privilege would be to sit at the head table, which oft times includes
> some special delicacies of feast not presented to the other feasters in the
> hall, which can be rather nice.
> For the bard or artisan, a responsibility may be to provide entertainment
> or artistry as largess/gifts, respectively, for their new 'patrons'.
> Again, an honor would be sitting at head table.
> What say you all?
> Perhaps the ideas presented here, will assist a first time champion to
> really espouse the 'role of champion'.
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