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So why do I feel like I'm going to have a big ol' target on my chest come
March? :-)


"Me? Pendaran? No, I'm not Pendaran. You're looking for a big heavy guy.
Shoot, he outweighs me by a good 75 pounds. Plus he's really loud. I'm just
quiet and shy and like to mind my own business. Let me know if you find him.
Good luck!"

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In my capacity of Hospitaler for our Great Kingdom of Ansteorra, a
mysterious missive was delivered to my hands.  It was explained to me
that the Inspiring Words of own Sir Pendaran, speaking of the
now-almost-inevitable war to be waged between our Kingdoms, were spread
far and wide thoughout Trimaran lands. Although it seems they admired
his poetry and style, they did have a problem or two with the content
(included at bottom).  From the swamp, bubbled the following response...

 Isobel Hadleigh

O' Brothers! O' Sisters! We have been laid low by words! Wounded I say!
Wronged I say! I have mused over this fair knight's words and found them
be much honey'd venom.
     He has a serpant's, tongue, O' yes, he does beguile, but let us not

listen to such a villainous hissing. This noble knight praises
most rightly as any true citizen of any kingdom would. But he waylays us

most foully. He claims of us envy toward his lands; and rightly would
man do for his own kingdom. Yet and still he speaks against our noble
and presents forth their own as mighty and brave. Uncooth untruth! I say

these words shall not go ignored!
     Let us study these words, O' Brothers, O' Sisters. Let us espie
our own little eyes the plain truth behind this fiction. For I have seen
mighty Ansteorran plain. True enough it is a vast and flat
filled with acres and acres of...acres and acres. As for her vast
herds...well, I shall leave that to my low brow brothers to make a
comparison that fits...
     Our noble foe praises Ansteorra's great forests. Her pine forests
but scrub wood; shrubberies really. (Nice ones tho'.)

     I have traveled through the great wastes of the Outlands. A
desolation fairly squirming with a scaley reptile or two. One wonders at
they remember their names in a desert so plain.
     I have fought against the might of the the Calontiri. A greater
army of
falstaffian trolls with shields and liliputian trollops there has never
been. So fleet are their feet that we barely see them move as we, Great
Trimaris, have flanked them time and again.
     And for this, the good sir knight would call US the green monster,
     And how does he bespeak of Noble Trimaris? How does he call our
land beset among azures seas? This foul cattle baron (No offence, gentle
Simon.) wounds us and calls our graet land 'low and swampy'. Low and
Nay! Gently rolling, with crystaline cool springs and softly flowing
Ah! And the argent lakes that reflect our beautful lands to the heavens.

     And we have the grace of the sun like few other kingdoms. Where the
in His glory broils the Ansteorrans, He shines warm and pleasent upon
Timaris. Our Zephyrs gently waft from our great seas. Cool by day, warm
night. Such gentle breezes keep the dry dusty plains far from here.
     Scaley reptiles he bespeaks? No! Dogs of war that protect our
from creeping enemies. Winged parasites? Tosh! The noble blood hawk
but a scratch! Perhaps this great and brave night fears the wee wing'd
     And of what other wealth did this noble sir speak? Bards and poets
the like? To craft tales and song that rejoices in the deeds of their
Alas! But I have heard the lamentations of their noble voiced vultures.
sing much of tears in their ale and how their ladies, their noble
and even their own faithful hounds have sorely treated them.
     Of their fair craftsmen, I cannot say...but all of their wares say
hocho fair cathay".
     No, Friends, Brothers, Sisters. It is not we who's eyes are vert.
It is
not we who rattle sabres and claim the enemy is desirous. No. We are a
peacable lot; yet we must defend our selves. We must gather and support
allies, Meridies and the Middle Kingdom.
     I have lived long in Meridies and come to love her noble people.
lands are as beautiful as any I've seen out side of Trimaris. I thank
for their Loyalty to our cause. I swear that my blade shall defend them
as I
defend great Trimaris. Lets us gather together at the fray and many a
shall we slay.
     I have fought along side the Middle Kingdom in their great wars. I
found them to be strong and noble allies. To them, also, I say I shall
forth on the feild with them against the Ansteorran foe.
     As we have seen the enemy has begun swaying their braying folk to
a stampede. That great herd will overwealm us unless we act! We must
the host upon the feilds far from our own lands that valiant Trimaris
not be
sullied by their dusty horde. We must all rise up as we have seen our
in their preparations. We must go forth for Noble Trimaris! VIVAT!

     In service to the Dream, and great Trimaris
          Mark Duh Red, Clan Dunncan


Sir Pendaran's Original Missive...

Greetings Unto all Good and Gentle Subjects of the Crown of Ansteorra,
>     As a knight in service to my Crown, as a baron in fief who has
>protect the lands I hold from my King and Queen, and as an officer of
>the Army of Heroes, it is my sad and solemn duty to inform each and
>Ansteorran of the fires of war being lit in the East. Dread Trimaris
>again raises her war like visage and in bitter envy espies the wealth
>goodness of Ansteorra. It is well known that Trimaris is a low and
>place inhabited by scaly reptiles and winged parasites. Those poor folk
>by dent of ill luck have been born into these lands have heard tale of
>riches of Ansteorra. Long have the heard the tales of our mighty pine
>forests, of the unending prairies where we do graze our vast herds, of
>mountains that adorn our land and of the many other wondrous gifts we
>enjoy in abundance. Therefore does envious Trimaris, like a hydra, rise

>again even more powerful than before and turn her head westward to war.

>     For she is more like the hydra of myth than you know, dear
>Know that through cunning and guile, has Trimaris persuaded Meridies to

>wholly join her in dread war. Thus has she grown more powerful.  In
>past, when the Lion did grapple with the serpent, Meridies split her
>between the two warring parties - but this is not to be come spring.
>year, all of Merdies, a host huge in number, shall fight against the
>Ansteorran Lion. Know you also that the other great serpent, the dragon

>the Middle Kingdom has found her like and has also sided with her low
>dwelling cousin and does fight for Trimaris. Great will be the enemy in

>number and in fierceness.
>     While we can still count upon the support of our right good and
>allies of Outlands and Calontir, we face great odds, Ansteorra. The
>from the Outlands have a very great journey and a war close to their
>home. Therefore are their numbers are likely to be small. And while the

>Calontiri have always stood beside us, their wall unbreaking and their
>like an ash forest, we cannot depend on our stout brothers to fight for
>No, Ansteorra, we must once again take the field when Mars stalks the
>southern lands. We must field a great and terrible army to turn back
>eastern tide.
>     Our right good and royal King, bold Aaron has held council with
>great general Duke Kein, and has determined that this fight shall not
>place on Ansteorran soil. We must stem the tide of war before it
>beloved land. Therefore you men and women of Ansteorra, the fight does
>to us. King Aaron and Queen Britta call us, we must raise the host!
>your households and your servants, burnish the spear and sharpen the
>gather your stores and load the wagons for your duty is clear. Strength
>arms alone will not win this war - great service and sacrifice from all

>be needed! For every broadsword and rapier, there must be three men and

>giving of their time and service to make their way possible. That is
>is won. Let also the bards, the poets and the troubadours gather so the

>of the heroes will be recorded. Let our artists come forth with
>things of beauty to inspire the army, and to remind Trimaris of that
>they covet, but may not have.
>     I have come to warn you, great and mighty Ansteorra, of the task
>before you. A host with warriors as numerous as the stars comes forth
>conquer our fair land. I beg you all, when the Crown calls forth Their
>do not wait an instant to join in that number. For if you do, great
will be
>your sorrow when the storied heroes return all draped in glory and in
>For such is the lot of heroes.
>     I remain in service to my Crown, my Kingdom and my God,
>     Pendaran, Lord Bryn Gwlad

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