[Ansteorra] Shaking down the Thunder... sing along!

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I got it.  Had to type in without that stupid 1.  I sang it to my husband, who is going to his first event this weekend, so that he knows the national anthem of Ansteorra.  It sucks that I can't get the song to stay in repeat mode so that I can listen to it all day while packing for the event :( .  It's a very heart-warming song, as the blood pours out of the Trimeran hearts :) .  Aurore
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  Kom heil og sael Ansteorra !!!!,

    At Coronation HRM Aaron asked that We, the Army of Hero's, learn the Rising
  of the Star.   But what is the Army without its Kingdom to support it.  Here
  is a website that has the tune and words for the song, so when we go to war,
  we can sing it as a Kingdom.  Lets sing it so loud they here it in

  Just imagin the field battle, the Trimeran Army hears it and not only they
  hear it from the Army of Hero's , but also from the sidelines, all the others
  singing along!  I bet Calontir joins in too!!
     Lets make Our King and Queen proud.  STAND UNITED ANSTEORRA!  Lets shake
  the ground with the thunder of OUR song!  They will know only fear in thier
  hearts, and feel the edge of our blades, the points of our spears and the
  crushing blow of our rocks!!!

  Centurion Almarr Bjarnklo av Kiersted
  Siege Commander
  member of the Army of Hero's

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