[Ansteorra] And relieved. And a whole

Lou Burgin AMBERLEA at peoplepc.com
Sun Jan 27 13:31:07 PST 2002

I did not send this!!! I apologize to all for this it sent automatically
apparently.  Ericus sadi please don't open anything from him either for a
while. I don't know how I got it but it is gone now.  Once again, I am
sorry.   AmberLea
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> The Ansteorran list has gotten a little 'racy' lately!
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> >I've been thinking about what you said about your desire getting in the
> >way.  And I realize I have something similar.  My dick doesn't get hard,
> >but my heart goes soft, and I can't (yet) bring myself to present some of
> >my ideas face to face with you.  When I try to be diplomatic or
> >conciliatory (in the past) your strong passions and convictions
> >overshadowed the point(s) I was trying to make.  But this weekend, things
> >were a little different.
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