[Ansteorra] So who won Queens

Sean Hertzberg s_hertzberg at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 28 07:28:26 PST 2002

>I haven't heard or seen anything on the list about who won queen's and what
>happened at the tourney. Would someone please let us in on what happened?
>Earl Barn

Don Thorland O'Shea defeated Don Christoforo Pasavanti in the finals.  Don
Christoforo was undefeated and Don Thorland had one loss, to Christoforo,
when they reached the finals.  Christoforo yielded the first fight to Shea
to even the standings, then Shea won the fianl fight.  It was well done...on
both there parts.

Over all, it was a wonderful day.  Thank you to Donas Kayleigh and Antonia
for such a great event.

And to Sir Asoph for a truly AMAZING feast...dead cow is very good.  ;)


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