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Kimberly Koch sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 28 08:46:57 PST 2002

Also at Queen's, Edward Mercer and Lady Carmen were
named as members of the Queen's Company.

If you missed Queen's, you missed a really beautiful
event. The weather was spectacular and the fighting
was impressive. The list of 75 fighters included
Ansteorra's very best and they were magnificent to
watch. It's already been mentioned, but Kayleigh
looked absolutely great in the list, and Don
Christoforo's chivalrous yield of his extra point in
the final round was a beautiful and selfless gesture.
Her Majesty was gracious, eloquent, and elegant all
day. The strength of her emotion was quite moving in
court, and she was greeted at its close with a
standing ovation.

Congratulations to Antonia and Kayleigh for putting on
a great event. Most especially, vivat to our lovely
new Queen, and to her new Champion. :)


--- IagoAH at aol.com wrote:
> Don Thorlan O'Shea is the new Queen's champion (his
> third time).  He defeated Don Christoforo in the
> final bout.  HE Kayleigh made an impressive run to
> the final group of three.
> There were imressive deeds done and horable actions,
> which I will leave those better with words to regail
> you with.
> Iago
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