[Ansteorra] Pre-registration for Gulf War Ends Tomorrow!!

Brian Martin BMartin at Corp.Prodigy.com
Wed Jan 30 12:26:43 PST 2002

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Any more puns like that, Stephen, and I'll have to belt you.

Pendaran "I can't believe I just typed that" Glamorgan

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Sir Pendaran Glamorgan, Ansteorran GW Liaison writes ...

>* Peer pressure - I'm a knight. Get it? Peer pressure? Never
mind, it's a
>lame joke.

Not a lame joke, Your Excellency.  Just one more reminder to pre-
register and spur us on to victory.  It's much more efficient than
sending it to ten Ansteorrans and asking them to do the same,
which would, of course, make this a chain letter.

Stephen, who's pre-registering tonight
"Lame joke?  What lame joke?"

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