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I thought it was just a bunch of people who really like Duke Kein.


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> > As far as I know the Griffin has been unoffically taken as a
> > "mascot" by many in the Northern region as a symbol of unity,
> > progression, principality, fun ,etc etc. It's been around since....
> > oh, at least since we were Crown, probably before, since I remember
> > the necklaces getting around before we stepped down.
> >
> > Jarl Timo
> >
> Some of us who were living in the North at the time understood it to
> be an "underground" prinicipality clique who had thier own yahoo group
> that you had to be sponsored and approved to join.  That was the last
> I heard of it. Interesting to see that its still around, but I'm
> surprised someone from the central region was the only one to respond
> and that no one from that group stepped in to explain what it's all
> about.
> Barn
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