[Ansteorra] Important Message from the Gulf War Autocrat

Brian Martin BMartin at Corp.Prodigy.com
Wed Jan 2 09:33:13 PST 2002

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Greetings All,

Following is an important message from the autocrat of Gulf War XI regarding
the pre-war booklets.

Greetings goode gentles,

I pray all have had a wonderful holiday and all are safe and well.

Please pass this missive on to one and all...

It would appear there was a glitch in the database when it was merged
to print the prewar booklets. Some of you may have received a
booklet with someone else's name on it but the correct address.

If you have already sent in your reservation, do not send it in
again, the information will be corrected in the current reservation

If you have not sent in your reservation, you may use the form
attached in the booklet, just make all the necessary corrections. It
will be updated in the current reservation database.

The phone number for the Reservationist, Mistress Fionna is
incorrect on the registration form, however, the correct number is
listed on page two along with all the other contacts.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. The
Gulf Wars staff apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Humbly in Service,
Katherine Radford of Dreywick,
Autocrat Gulf Wars XI

Please contact me, Sir Pendaran, if you have any questions or concerns
regarding this matter.

Thanks and Happy New Year,

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