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Wed Jan 2 10:37:40 PST 2002

> When this hooking up is to happen, however, make sure > to do it when the noble/peer has time to really pay
> attention to the new person.

This is so important.  For me, events aren't the best times to introduce me to someone new.  I'm usually headed in about nine different directions and I'm memory-challenged under the best of circumstances. If the person is new to my barony I much prefer a chance to meet them at a fighter/archery practice or a populace or guild meeting.  We like to get official business done quickly there so we'll have time to talk to and meet people.

I don't think I can stress strongly enough, though, that it isn't meeting the nobility that keeps newcomers returning.  Landeds and local officers (even the hospitaler) have to divide their attention between the entire populace.  It really is up to *everyone* in the group to focus on meeting newcomers and helping them become involved.

As far as group interaction (including introducing new  people to their own local landeds) there is no substitute for group revels where people can meet and interact.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy, maybe just a cookout with folks doing crafts and/or armored combat.

Kat >^.,.^<

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