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> A tradition that was rekindled during the reign of Timotheous and Allyson
> was one of bringing up the newcomers in court, and presenting them with a
> token of remembrance of their first event.
> Jason and Saeried continued it, as Duncan and I have also done, and besides
> trying to help welcome them to the community, it is a fine chance for those
> in court to see who the new people are and welcome them as well.  :)
> Just a thought. :)
> Larissa

In addition to this i might add to do this at the early Court of an event
should there be an early Court.  It would allow the populace the chance to
see who the newcomers are at the begining of the day and to find ways to
incorporate them into the goings on.  I know i spent a good two years feeling
like "scenery that eats" until someone brought forth a chance to assist in
the kitchen at this past Guardian.  Alot of us out there are shy and can stay
that way for indefinite periods unless offered a gentle way out of it.  It
can be pretty scary to just walk into a class, event, or even fighter
practice when you have no idea where you may belong.  Perhaps a well defined
Hospitaliters area and newcomers activities could be set up at some of the
larger events like Defender and 12th Night and the like.  That way there
could be formed some sort of way of keeping track of ways that new people can
help out... kitchen help...water bearers....troll help so that new people
don't have to wander about looking for someone who needs help.  The
interested posts could send the Hosptailiter (or whomever is put in charge of
the station) a list of what volunteers are needed and a sheet with the
appropriate number of spaces that would need to be filled in. Keep a radio at
the newcomers station and the needs and lists could be updated as needed.
First timers aren't the only new people out there.  After all i have been a
"newcomer" for about two years.

Just a long rambling thought : )


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