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Mon Jan 7 09:25:08 PST 2002

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Kom heil og sael Ansteorra!

  Just an invitation for fighters to come have 3 days of fighting and

On Saturday morning

We will be having cattle raids.  Now this is not your normal cattle raids.  It
will be held in a recreated medieval town!  How cool will it be to run through
the streets fighting and taking sheep!

Also this will give time for the Siege Engineers to set up inspect, qualify
and test their engines.

Saturday Afternoon will be the grand melees.  This will be set up by HG Kein.
We will have an open field in front of a castle and also to fight in
Rosenfeld's Keep.  Yes that's it the castle from 3 kings.  That's 2 castles at
1 event!!!!  oh my    Will we have a bridge battle????   maaaaaaybe!!!!

To start the day on Sunday,

  We will be having a war practice.  Come fight with your friends and units..

  Are you an Archer that needs your arrow fixed  ?  Are you a Siege engineer
and ballista bolts sharpened?   During this time we have set up some of the
best in the kingdom to teach Archery and siege classes.  You bring the
supplies and we'll bring the knowledge.  SO come fix you arrows so we can slay
our friends in the Trimeris.  A detailed list will be posted soon of the
supplies that you will need to bring.

Later in the day we will be having a Static Archery competition hosted by Lord
Will Ironwyrm.  Also that day we will also be having a siege engine
competition.  Just know that we are looking for the BEST siege crews around.
And if that's not enough fighting activities...  I am hosting a Centurions
Tournament.  This will be a 3 fighter team That'spit.  Teams will be
determined by me at the time of the tourney.

  This will be happening the same weekend as the Estrella War.  If you cant go
to Estrella come to Border Wars.  If you cant come to Border Wars go support
our cousins to the north at Estrella.  It will be February 15, 16 and yes the
17th.  Thats right 3 days of fun, fighting and more fun.  It will be held at
the Hockwood Ren fair site on the North side of the Barony of Elfsea.  Easy
access to ANYWHERE!!!!!

  15 minutes west of DFW airport, right off I35W, Close to the North, West and
as close as can be to the South and Coastal as we can get it.

Oh, and the site has electricity and running water!!!!!! AND IS WET!!!!!!!!!

  Any questions please feel free to email me.  Thanks you for the time..

Centurion Almarr Bjarnklo

Siege Weapons Commander

Heavy fighting Coordinator for BW2

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