[Ansteorra] Steppes 12th Night Thank You List

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Fri Jan 11 21:13:19 PST 2002

  Greetings Unto the Kingdom of Ansteorra From the Stewards of Steppes 12th
Night, Lord Philo Alexander and Philip White.

  It was our privilege for the Barony of the Steppes and Thier Excellencies
Steppes, Fritz der Rothirsch and Catrin Brynmorgan, to allow us to work
together into makeing this last 12th Night a beautiful and joyous
celebration.  Through the hard work and dedication of many people, both from
the Steppes and other branches of the Kingdom, this 12th Night was a
wondrous success.  The following is a list of some of the people who made
such an event possible.  Many exceeded any expectation in devotion to the
Steppes and the Society. As well we would like to thank any and all others
that lent a hand in any form during the event that we were unable to name

  These good people deserve a conradulations for their efforts:
Adrian Lochlainn, Alasdair MacEogan, Andrew, Arianne Anastasia Balfour,
Aurelia  Yverneau, Bianca della Vittoria, Brighid of Glenbaum, Bigit
O’Shaughnessey, Borek Vitalievich Volkov, Capricia d’Aulnay Mellissant,
Catrin Brynmorgan, Chiara Francesca, Chrissy Hruse, Clare, Condal
Obradagain, Debra, Daniel of Cameron, David ben Leon, Eisen von Kringer,
Elin the Timid, Elsbeth de Forybes, Fritz der Rothirsch, Gabrielle Renee de
Bernard, Garry, Geneviéve de Lironcourt, Gerita Dellamara, Godwin of
Edington, Iames Lochlainn, Jane Gatecrasher, Jenjen VanDeRoet, John de
Irwyn, John Rolfson, Juliana Virtue , Justin, Layla al-Tabrizi, Lete
Bithespring, Liadan Bregh, Lisa Cox, Louie, Marc-Antione De Laclos,
Margarite McBridin, Margueire de Jauncourt, Maximilian Schumacher, Miguel
Sebastian la Pantera de Oporto, Muireann a Dun na Traighe Ceine, Morgan
Cain, Nuala, Owen, Robert, Robert Escobar, Sara Owein, Seamus Dal Cais ,
Seamus O’Dubhda, Steppes Calligraphy and Illumination Guild, Steppes Dance
Guild, Steppes Herbal Guild, Timothy of Glastonbury, Vikor Von Linkshander ,
Vincenzo Cellini, William Ironwyrm, William McCloud.

We thank you all for your hard work.
Philo and Philip

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