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> Greetings,
> Just arrived home from day-tripping Coronation. I'm too tired to give a
> reliable, detailed account, but some of the highlights:
> King Aaron & Queen Britta now sit upon the the Sable thrones!
> The collesium was quite large and a magnificant spectacle. (A few photos
> will follow later)
> The King's Champion tourney was held as a double elimination, best 2 out
> 3 with 44 fighters entering the list. Queen Britta (at the time, still
> Princess) calmed herself by fighting as the bye in several rounds.
> Lovely and deadly, through and through.
> The final round was fought between Centurion Virgil & Lord Randal de
> Kreiger.
> Centurion Virgil von Augsburg emerged victorious as the new King's
> (The benefit of the double elimination format was not needed, as Centurion
> Virgil went undefeated on the day.)
> At the stepping up court, an ambassador from a Principality on the
> Australian continent was present to send well wishes to Ansteorra and to
> announce that theirs is to be the newest Kingdom of the Society, effective
> (I believe) March 30, 2002. Unfortunately, I could not catch the name of
> their new kingdom. Calontir again sent gifts and vowed to support us at
> War just as we have pledged to support them at Estrella. Sir Pendarin
> brought ominous news from Ansteorra's advance intelligiance sources which
> indicated that Meridies appears to be under something of a tyranical rule.
> The historically friendly folk of Meridies are being forced by their
> leadership to ally totally with Trimaris instead of their traditional
> and balancing of power. If intimidation was their desire, they failed
> miserably, judging from the reaction of the Ansteorran populace and
> in attendance. Indeed, quite the opposite, as all seemed excited and
> confident in our Army of Heroes facing overwhelming numbers to liberate
> Meridian neighbors. His Majesty Aaron did then relay His faith that 1
> Ansteorran knight was worth 10 of the enemy. 1 Ansteorran squire was worth
> 20 enemy squires, and 1 Ansteorran non-belted fighter was worth 10 of
> *squires*! The energy in the room after that, confirmed that His Majesty's
> faith was shared by all and that He is soundly in tune with the populace.
> I shall leave it to others to describe the feast and evening court as our
> journey home was already under way. Until we meet again, fare the well,
> Ld. Armand Dragonetti
> Squire to Sir Galen of Bristol
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