[Ansteorra] Books not published in US

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Mon Jan 14 22:17:38 PST 2002

Just a note for fellow bibliophiles.

I just recently found that books not published by a US publisher, can't be
sold here.  I had come across this in the past with Usborne books,
published in the US through EDC here in Tulsa, but it hadn't really sunk in
till I needed a copy of one of the two books on Havanese and it had no US
Publisher.  I found that I could order it through the AmazonUK site and
made my first order tonight.

I also got a beautiful history book that Sjonna (Bianca) showed me the
other day and I am curious to compare her copy to the one I am getting, as
it is what her's was reprinted from.

one can never have too many books, just inadaquate library space...
(books on all outer walls make excellent insulation)

Here is the page of books from the person who edited the one I bought,
Chronicles of the Age of Chivilry,
Thought some of you might be interested

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