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Fri Jan 18 13:16:51 PST 2002

Oh, no thanks!  I already have a dog and 3 cats.  The dog is really just a
large lap dog (Welsh Corgie / Chihuahua mix found at the pound).  it might
be fun to try and teach him to do herd trials or run agility trials or maybe
even cart trials, but I haven't heard of anyone in the society doing any
trials other than coursing.  I could do it outside of the society, but who
has time?


> From: Jane Sitton <jane.sitton at radioshack.com>
> Subject: RE: [Ansteorra] ancient dog breeds and coursing
> Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 13:04:11 -0600
> I don't, but I have a friend (She doesn't play in the SCA.) who raises and
> breeds basenjis.  If you like, I can supply you with her name and number.
> Madelina de Lyndesaye
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> From: Aceia [mailto:aceia at mac.com]>
> I just saw a show on TV about Basenjis.  They suggested that this is an
> ancient Egyptian breed that can be trained to course.  Does anyone in the
> society course Basenjis?
> -Robin Anderson of Ross

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