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Fri Jan 25 07:57:42 PST 2002

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Greetings Ansteorra!!

Brad Leah's Ansteorra Tribute (BLAT) is quickly rushing upon us.  Make your
plans now to attend this wonderful, low-keyed FREE event geared to raise
money for our Kingdom!  We will put a donation jar at signup for those
wishing to help us raise funds for Ansteorra.   TRM"S Arron and Britta are
planning to attend...so should you!

Even now our fair shire is furiously working to insure this event provides a
multitude of things for you to enjoy:

**There will be WAR PRACTICE for both Heavy and Light.  Duke Kein, Commander
of the Ansteorra Army of Heroes will be there to oversee the Melee practice.

** An A&S DISPLAY is planned.  Bring your projects and show them off to the
kingdom!  This is not a competition, but a stress free display!!

**  A Raffle*** you won't want to miss it!  (all proceeds go to the kingdom)

** A silent auction with tons to bid on
(again,, all proceeds go to the kingdom.. if you would like to donate to
either the Raffle or the Auction.. please let us know,  The Kingdom would
really appreciate it)

** A  Hot Feast provide by the Barony of Eldern Hills by donation

** Hafla-- join in the party in the HEATED main hall for an evening of great
Drumming and dancing!!

We are constantly adding more things to this event!  We'll keep you posted as
we do.

The site is a beautiful campground with HEATED showers and a nice big hall
with fireplace.  There is plenty of grassy, level land to camp on with REAL
bathrooms.  Please go to the Shire of Brad Leah's webpage for more
information and a map to the site.
<A HREF="http://bradleah.ansteorra.org/">Click here: The Shire of Brad Leah</A> ( located in the northern region section
on the Ansteorra webpage)

We sincerely hope everyone will join us to pay tribute to our Beloved
Kingdom, Ansteorra!

Earl Daffydd Whittaker
CO-Stewart of BLAT
Dafpig at aol.com

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