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> > After a conversation this weekend at Seawinds on the responsibilities
> > privileges of the branch champions, I decided to post to the list to
> > what thoughts were found there.

    There is so much more to being a Champion than standing behind the
person, usually.  Or, put another way, the obligation is to stand behind
all the time: in Court, at field-side, during meetings, when they need you,
your head.
    Of course, the degree to which this is done will vary with the
desires of the person to whom one is Champion.  Some may want no more than
a Court
presence.  If that's what they want, that's what they get.  Some want a
companion, escort, inside introduction to a community they may not know
much about, etc.  Again, if that's what they want...  After all, you have
agreed to be THEIR Champion.  This tournament you won was for the right to
THEIRS for a year.  If you entered it with any other idea in mind - like
another win to your resume', or impressing someone "up the ladder," or for
reason other than an honest desire to serve THAT person, or THAT group,
you have entered under false pretenses - to yourself, and your potential
That term of service you have dedicated (ideally) to the glory of your
patron, not your self.
    Pay attention to them.  Learn about them.  Make a friend.  Be a
confidant - a trustworthy one.  Help lighten the load this person carries.
things are also the best benefits you will get from the job.  Remember, we
in a people hobby.
    I have been Champion to a Queen, and did a bad job.   From that I
learned how to do a good job, and have served several Baronies since that
time -
successfully, I believe.  I have also been a Landed Baron, so I have
seen this subject from both sides.
    I hope my perspective has been of some benefit to someone.
 Good Luck,
    Ericus the Silverhand, WSA

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