[Ansteorra] Heavy Weapons at Border Wars

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Wed Jan 30 08:47:34 PST 2002

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Kom heil og sael!

  First I will have a sign up sheet at troll for authorizations.  If you are
needing to be authorized in any form of heavy combat ( Fiber Spear, Glaive,
siege weapons, marshaling or combat archery) please indicate on the sigh up
sheet.  I will make the time to have classes on these if need be, even for 1
person.   Now on to other buisness...

Website  http://lindenwood.ansteorra.org/borderwars/[1]
If link does not work, check for a [1] on the end.  It is sometimes added to
the end.

When?  February 15, 2002 - February 18, 2002
The fighting for the weekend looks like this.

Sat Morn.  Cattle raids:   Merchants are taking thier cattle to market.  You
can be gaurds or Bandits.  At the market there are the Kings Gaurd to protect
the market from bandit scum, lol.  This is a town battle, with real buildings
and all.  There is a permanent village constucted inside the walls.

Sat Afternoon:  Border Wars.  Melees led by Duke Kein.  We will have castle
front battles, field battles, bridge battle, and maybe some suprises.

Sun Morn:  War Practice led by Dux of the Fray.

Sun Afternoon:   A Centurions 3 man Bear-pit

Other activities
1.  HL Gilli is bringing his Arrow Factory.  He is also donating several
hundred wood shafts       that are partially complete, to those who complete
2.  Throwing Axe making class.  Need foam and duck tape.
3.  Siege weapon competition
4.  Archery competition.

Arrow supplies:
1/4" fiberglass rod
nocks or overnocks (nocks require a taper, overnocks do not)
glue for nocks (fletchtite)
golf tube, cut to 1 1/4" cyllinders (or with a 45 degree taper on the front
edge, depending on design used)
strapping tape to attach APD, head
electrical tape (or more strapping tape) for the body of the arrow (1"
electrical tape is ideal - only 1 seam)
1 1/4" UHMW rod (call a local plastics supplier), cut to 1" (1 1/2" and
tapered one end) disks, center drilled 1/2"
1/2" closed cell foam (most commonly camp pads), cut into 1 1/4" disks (find a
pipe or tube of metal with 1 1/4" ID and sharpen the end with a grinder)
household glue to secure the UHWM (dries flexible is prefered)

See you there..

Almarr Bjarnklo

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  1. http://lindenwood.ansteorra.org/borderwars/
  2. http://go.msn.com/bql/hmtag2_etl_EN.asp

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