[Ansteorra] The War Drum is Beating in Loch Sollier!

Brian Martin BMartin at Corp.Prodigy.com
Thu Jan 31 07:52:22 PST 2002

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Greetings All,

I received the following missive from Lord Rodrigo in Loch Sollier and wish
to share it with all of you. Lord Rodrigo and others in the Loch are beating
the war drum and preparing to meet our mighty foe come March. Are you and
the other stout hearts in your areas as well prepared as the Heroes in the


Lo, praise of the prowess of people-kings of spear-armed warriors,
in days long sped.  We have heard of what honor the Ansteorran's
have won in pitched bloody battle.

 our Thanes abode, gold-bright hall he comes.  Great among
men, mightiest man of valor in that same day of this our life,
stalwart and stately.  Stout wave-walkers have been made ready at
his command.  He is Sir Ulsted the Unsteady, your Thane and noble
Baron, wise and brave.

Calls to you his noble Marshal and servant, where are ye, then, ye
armed warriors, mailed folk of my land?  Take up your mighty
brands and burnished shields with helmets grim!  Be bold in
battle, and mark my words!

Battle looms before us.  Slipping up from shadowy fen, and desert
sands.  We of the Loch have been called by our Thane to gather to
his standard and march forth to undo or vile foe.  Come Bearers-of-
Glory, warriors Mighty-in-Spirit.  We march to Border War to
sharpen or brands for the coming of Gulf Wars.  Come join your
Battle-Thane whom you love best.  With each even stroke we shall
cleave the Helm-Boar of our enemy and strike a blow for Ansteorra
that will echo throughout the known world.

And in days to come the Hearth-Scald will sing of your deeds far
in wide, from long house to golden hall of kings your names will
be on children's hearts.  They will sing the song of the mighty
Thane Sir Ulsted and his grim honor band of warriors.  The scald
will tell of battles grim, and treasures bright with the victory
of our vanquished foe.  In this will our brands echo our passing!
In the hearts of our children we will forever march, forever

Lord Rodrigo de Navarra
Knight Marshal of Loch Soilleir

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