[Ansteorra] Gulf Wars Hotel( Gorgetown Inn)

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Thu Jan 31 11:37:09 PST 2002

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Greetings everyone,

We just received an interesting phone call from the front desk of the
Georgetown Inn,  That's the hotel that's just down the road from Gulf Wars
site.  We normally reserve a room there for 3 to 4 nights each year (been
hoteling it there for 10 years now).

Well,, they have a new owner and their policy for reserving rooms for Gulf
changed.  You must now reserve your room for a minimum of 5 days.  If you are
unwilling or unable to pay for 5 nights,, you will LOSE your reservation!!!!
 I suggest if you have reservations for this year,, you call now to confirm
them and make sure you will have them.  The number is::
Georgetown Inn-1800-215-9929

The lady at the desk informed us that they have so many on the waiting list,,
that they can afford to do this.  If you don't pay for 5 nights ,, someone
else will.  I personally feel it stinks as they didn't mention any of this
last year when we reserved our rooms.  Such is the cost of


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