[Ansteorra] The King's Battle Ribbon

Sean Hertzberg s_hertzberg at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 31 14:25:38 PST 2002

Unto my Most Noble Baron Pendaran Glamorgan, Lord of Bryn Gwlad, do I send

I have had conversations with several of my friends over the last few weeks
concerning the Horde that rises in the East.  Many are those that will rise
to defend our lands against this wave of foes.

But there is also other talk.  Talk of those eager to match the deeds of the
Company that
resides within your lands.  Those that would lay claim to the King's Battle
Ribbon that was won by the War Company of Bryn Gwlad last year.

I have heard that the Liondragon Guard has been at their forges, creating
armour and weapons for to increase their numbers.  That they have been
practicing to rise again as the force that they once were.  That they feel
that they should have the Battle Ribbon again as they did for 2 years.  That
it is theirs by right and they seek to claim it back by the strength of
their arms and hearts against the Trimaran foe.

There are also whispers of the Arthurian Company.  That they too seek to
regain the Battle Ribbon.  With the newest member of the Chivalry in their
ranks, they feel that they will claim the standard again.

I am sure there are more...but even I do not hear every rumor in the

I am a simple soldier in the ranks of your Company.  I have no lands or men
to offer to help.  I have nothing to give but my arm and my sweat and my
blood to stop the ravaging beasts from the swamps.

But it does the heart proud to know that the fiercest competion that will
rise against the might of Bryn Gwlad is not from Trimaris.

The hardest thing we will have to do is to match our brothers deed for deed
on the field of honor.  For only they can match the deeds that will be done
by us.

In Service to the Crown,
Avery Shaw

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