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Lady Gerita, you are obviously not from my Bryn Gwlad. The good folk of my
barony never hesitate to correct me! :-)

I am very sorry for having overlooked Lady Roana Alyse FitzStephen in my
announcement of earlier today. Alas, this is what happens when one is in a
hurry (not to mention scatter brained.

I offer these my apologies to Lady Roana, my thanks to Lady Gerita for
publishing her addition to my earlier post, and my gratitude to them both
for their efforts to raise the funds to build our gate!


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Not that i would ever correct such an august personage as Lord Pendaran (to
shorten his list of titles a little), but I do have the nerve to add to his
announcement one Regional Fundraiser:  Lady Roana Alyse FitzStephen is the
able second in Central Region.  We are honored to serve with a very capable
team to pay for the incredible Gate that has been designed for us.  We also
encourage Every Single Ansteorran to participate in these fund-raising
activities to the full extent your budget allows - we're halfway there!

We, too, seek individuals to run fundraisers at individual events, and one
or more to help us create molds for a concrete project.   Contact me
privately if you can offer these services.

Lady Gerita della Mara

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