[Ansteorra] Attention All Brewers, Vintners, and Cordialers in the kingdom

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I know that I don't know everything about brewing and such but what is a


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Greetings to the list from Damaris of Greenhill (back from a whirlwind
teaching tour in Caid)

There will be a Brewer’s Showcase and Happy Hour at the Bryn Gwlad Baronial
Championship prior to feast.  (Hey! It’s the cocktail hour, right?)  So
bring your meads, beers, ales, wines, and cordials to show and have everyone
taste.  I am convinced that this kingdom has the best brewers, mazers, and
vintners in the know world.  So if you’re coming to Bryn Gwlad anyway,
bring your home made libations to the Baronial Happy Hour and let us

  Don’t have any libations to display?  Not a problem.  Just bring your mug
or drinking horn and your thirst.   All tasters will get 5 beans to use to
vote for  their favorite beverage.   Oh and did I mention, that there will
be a prize for the Populace’s favorite?  Keep watching this space for more


Damaris of Greenhill  --  "Quam probis, quam fides"
Susan Wieland -- Cleverly disquised as a responsible adult


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